Name & Address Lookup

The following Go code and example command-line application demonstrates how to efficiently resolve the smart-signature account address for a name, or an address on-chain.

See if you want a quick start with go. Other implementations will be provided, but this code should be fairly understandable and easily translated to other languages.

See for a simple CLI program that provides, name and reverse-address lookup, as well as decoding/displaying of all the metadata within an NFD.

This program supports looking up / reading V2 NFDs as well as V1.

To lookup the smart-signature account address for nfdomains.algo, you could use the following example command-line application and run:

go run ./main.go -name nfdomains.algo

Which (for mainnet) will output:

Found as V2 name, ASA ID:763844429, APP ID:763844423 ...

This can be verified against the API, by using the nameSig REST API, a GET request to which should return the exact same address.

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