NFDomains API

Getting started

Welcome to an overview, and detailed description of the public API for NFDomains.

The UI for NFDomains uses the very same public API being discussed here.

The NFDomains REST API is a public API that is for integrators and the community to use. It provides read-only methods, as well as methods that modify the NFD contract states (minting / claiming / updating / selling, etc.) which require the caller to sign returned transactions.

The latest full Swagger spec will always be provided by the API itself, and is available from every API endpoint (per environment):

While we don't want to break the API, there are currently no guarantees the API won't change in the future.

Significant changes will either receive new endpoints, or /v2/ path.

High level changes will be described in API Changelog

Interactive Swagger

The specifications listed above can be loaded directly into Swagger for viewing, and executing, and generating SDKs.

Below are direct links, which load the specific specs into an interactive page:

Generating SDKs

Use the above links to go to the Swagger editor, and you can generate SDKs for 20+ languages.

TxnLab may provide more formal SDKs at some point (perhaps the generated Typescript bindings which our UI uses for example), but given the simplicity of the API, Swagger's rich generation capabilities, and our small team, it seems unnecessary.

Want to jump right in?

Start with the quick start for an important API overview and get making your first request:

pageQuick Start

Want to deep dive?

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API:

pageNFDomains REST API Reference

Perhaps you want to understand how some of the on-chain mechanics work, or prefer to trust only the chain, using your own nodes ?

pageOn-Chain Reference


Are you an integrator looking to use NFD, see:

pageIntegrators Guide

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