Using an NFD to sending to non-Algorand chains.

Fetching an NFD via the GET api will return any user-defined addresses for other chains the owner may have set.
They will each be returned as an array of addresses in the top-level property "unverifiedCa" ie:
"unverifiedCa": {
"btc": ["xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"],
"eth": ["xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"],
All of these values are retrieved from the corresponding{token} property. If the full view of the NFD is used, then these properties would be within the properties -> userDefined key. ie:
"appID": 763844423,
"asaID": 763844429,
"category": "common",
"currentAsOfBlock": 21686682,
"metaTags": [
"name": "nfdomains.algo",
"properties": {
"userDefined": {
"ca.btc": "xxxxxx"